Caversham Court Milonga Code of Conduct

The Venue

  1. The dance area is a moderate size so it is important that dancing is done with consideration for others.
  2. There will be very limited seating. If you think you might want to sit down, consider bringing a collapsible chair with you.
  3. Please take care when you step on and off the dancing area.
  4. The dance surface is a bonded gravel which provides a reasonably smooth surface, but it is not like a wooden floor, so please wear appropriate dancing shoes. Leather or composite soled street shoes may be more appropriate than dancing shoes.
  5. Dancers may not enter the dancing area until authorised.
  6. There should be a café open in the Caversham Court grounds until 5pm (?) No food or drink is allowed on the dancing floor.
  7. In the event that it should rain, please be aware that, unfortunately, there is no shelter available in the grounds. Consider bringing an umbrella but these should not be shared with anyone outside of your “bubble”.
  8. There will be a covered area where dancers can leave coats, shoes and bags. Be aware that no responsibility is accepted by the organisers for any loss.
  9. Feel free to bring your own chairs, food and soft drinks.

Covid 19

  1. Please do not come to a milonga if you are feeling unwell or have a high temperature or persistent cough.
  2. Entry will be allowed only to those dancers to can provide evidence of Double Vacc, or a Lateral Flow Test on the day of the milonga.
  3. Please use hand sanitizer before entering the dancing area and on leaving the dancing area and before dancing with a new partner (where permitted)
  4. Dancers are asked to observe reasonable social distancing measures on and off the dance floor.
  5. Dancers may need to dance in “bubbles” in accordance with government guidelines in operation at the time.
  6. Please respect the wishes of those dancers who do not want to dance outside of their bubble. avoid close socialising with people outside of your  “bubble” at all times.
  7. Face coverings are not mandatory (subject to government guidelines). However, we reserve the right to ask dancers to wear one at any time, so please bring one with you.
  8. If you should feel unwell at any time please leave the dancing area and return home immediately.

The Milonga

  1. The music will be typically Tango Risque ie. Mixed tango and dance music.
  2. Tandas of 3 with very short cortinas in between.
  3. Although this is an outdoor event Milonga attire is preferred.
  4. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry, stop the music at any time and/or to ask dancers to leave the floor or limit the number of dancers on the floor, should they consider this appropriate.
  5. The Milonga is 2.5 hours duration so please bear this in mind when planning your visit and parking your car.
  6. Finally, Caversham Court grounds are very popular at weekends, so expect spectators!

The above code may be altered at any time depending on the prevailing circumstances

Tango Risque/Berkshire Tango Club

31 July 2021Edit