Tango Quiz

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1. In which city did the first European Tango craze take place?

2. In what decade was “Tango” admitted to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List?

3. Which Argentinian dancer starred in the film “The Tango Lesson”?

4. How did Carlos Gardel die?

5. In which theatre did Osvaldo Pugliese give a concert at the age of 80?

6. In which city was Astor Piazzolla brought up?

7. In the film “Evita” who was described as “the first man to be of use to Evita”?

8. Francisco Canaro became a naturalised Argentinian citizen in 1940. What was his nationality at birth?

9. Who was known as El Senor del Tango (The Gentleman of Tango)?

10.Who composed “El Once”?

11. Louis Armstrong’s Kiss of Fire is based on which tango song?

12. What is the name of the belle poque dancehall/café which closed its doors at Sulpacha 384, Buenos Aires in 2018?

13. Which band, founded in 2013 in Barcelona, has recorded “Poema” and Like a Tango”?

14. Which film with tango music running through it starred Robert Duvall?

15. Which tango couple follower described “the hatred between them as improving their art”?

16. Who wrote the tango thriller “Tua”?

17. Kapka Kassabova called her tango story “Twelve Minutes of Love”. What is the significance of 12 minutes?

18. Approximately when was the “Dark Age” of tango and what caused it?

19. Which famous film star danced the tango in the film “The Four Horses of the Apocalypse” in 1921?

20. Which country formalised ballroom tango?

Source – Wikipedia